Preserve your extraordinary moments with a filmmaker who pours heart and soul into every frame and uses the finest professional-grade equipment.

Capture the Unforgettable with Sam Gold Video

Weddings | Bar & Bat Mitzvahs | Quincea├▒eras | Parties & Celebrations

In each person’s life, there are profound moments that beg to be preserved, and it’s my heartfelt passion to capture these instances through the lens of videography. When executed with precision, these moments unveil raw emotions, vivid personalities, and profound sentiments, weaving a tapestry of memories that will stand the test of time.

Allow Sam Gold to not only film your event but also meticulously edit the footage, culminating in the creation of a cherished DVD or Flash Drive showcasing your special occasion. It’s a keepsake that you, your loved ones, and friends will hold close to your hearts for many years to come.