Professional Video Services Agreement

  • Named "Client" above and Sam Gold Video, LLC (Video Producer) agree as follows:
  • 1. Video Production Services

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 2. Fee

  • 3. Loyal and Conscientious Performance of Duties

    Video Producer agrees that to the best of his ability and experience he will at all times, loyally and conscientiously perform all the duties and obligations required of him either expressly or implicitly by the terms of this agreement.
  • 4. Rights

    Client agrees that all rights, title and interest in and to the video developed under this Agreement shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Video Producer as a "work for hire" with full rights of copyright vested in the Video Producer. The client warrants that he or she owns the rights or has obtained permission to anything Video Producer will videotape, including photos, musical recordings, or other materials delivered to the Video Producer. Client shall indemnify and hold Video Producer harmless from all liability for loss, damage, or liability from infringement of any rights arising from the use or sale of video tapes or DVD's produced under this Agreement. The video or DVD provided is intended for the private use of the Client. Video Producer is granted permission to retain the master copy or copies of the video or DVD for use in the advertising and promotion of his business.
  • 5. Indemnification

    Client shall indemnify and hold Video Producer harmless from all liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property resulting from the negligence or willful misconduct of the Client.
  • 6. Liability

    Video Producer's liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver the event video shall be limited to the return of all payments made.
  • 7. Entire Agreement

    This agreement supersedes any and all other agreements, either oral or in writing, between the parties hereto with respect to Video Producer, and contains all of the covenants and agreements between the parties with respect to the services to be rendered by the Video Producer. Each party to this agreement acknowledges that no representations, inducements, promises, or agreements orally or otherwise, have been made by any party, or anyone acting on behalf of any party that are not embodied herein, and that no other agreement shall be valid or binding.
  • 8. Modifications

    Any modifications of this agreement will be effective only if in writing and signed by both parties.
  • 9. Effect of Waiver

    The failure of either party to insist on strict compliance with any of the terms, covenants, or conditions of this agreement by the other party shall not be deemed a waiver of that term, covenant or condition; nor shall any waiver or relinquishment of any right or power at any one time or times be deemed a waiver or relinquishment of that right or power for all or any other times.
  • 10. Governing Law

    This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the State of Florida.
  • Acceptance

    Upon acceptance of this agreement below, the agreement is accepted in whole by Sam Gold Video; Sam Gold, Owner; 115 N. Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, FL 34275; Tel. 941-356-2559
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY