1. GREAT FLAT FEE price of only $750 dollars to videotape the ceremony and reception. THERE ARE NO OTHER CHARGES AT ALL.¬
  2. I personally do all the filming and I do all of the editing and I am there the ENTIRE time for the ENTIRE CEREMONY and RECEPTION so I make sure that I capture everything that goes on, from the toasts, to the dances, the interviews, cake cutting, etc, … all the way to the scrolling credits at the end.¬†¬
  3. As a wedding gift from me, the bride and groom will get up to TEN FREE COPIES of the finalized, edited video on DVDs, flash drives, or a combination of both. If you want I can also put the video on YouTube for you at no extra charge. That way all you would have to do is to send the LINK to CLICK on to anyone in the world that you wish to see it.
  4. Two video cameras used at the ceremony. I will operate one and the other one is stationary to get two different angles of both of you.¬
  5. Direct audio feed to my video camera by a lapel microphone placed on the groom that will easily pick up the bride and groom and the person performing the ceremony since all 3 of them will be standing within a few feet from each other.
  6. Full-length, fully edited video showing everything that happens at the ceremony and reception.
  7. Top quality using high-definition professional video cameras and professional tripods.
  8. Interviews of the guests so that they can say some heartfelt comments about the bride and groom and an interview of the bride and groom so they both can also say some heartfelt things about each other right on their wedding day.
  9. 44 years of video experience. Rated 5 stars (superior) on Thumbtack.  You can read over 80 FIVE STAR testimonials that my customers have written about me that I have on my Thumbtack profile.
  10. I only need $100 as a down payment to officially lock in the date to do this. Many people ask for half of the price up front. The balance of 650 dollars¬will not be due until the date of the event. The balance due can be paid by cash, check, any Major Credit Card, Zelle and Cash App.

In addition to the fully edited video since I can pull any pictures right off of my video card, I will also back up the pictures of the bride and groom, their family members and guests that the still photographer will do (usually done after the ceremony) and I will put those pictures at the end of the video dubbed in with some beautiful music.

If the bride and groom would like me to do this, I will arrive extra early to do some “getting ready” video, I will include that at no extra charge since sometimes the bride likes to get some video of her makeup and hair being done and her bridesmaids assisting her. I can also do some “getting ready” video for the groom.¬† The “getting ready” video is very tastefully and eloquently done.