Hello, I'm SAM GOLD

For nearly half a century, I’ve been privileged to share my life’s journey with my beloved wife, Gail. We’ve built a family together that fills our hearts with joy: two sons, Marty and Bobby; a wonderful daughter-in-law, Suzanne; and the source of endless smiles, our two grandchildren, Nora and Ari. It’s a story of love and connection that’s unfolded over the years, and it all began with a humble camcorder in my hands back in 1980.

But let’s rewind the tape a bit further, back to the year 1975 when Gail and I embarked on our journey as a married couple. It was a day filled with magic, as my great-grandfather graced our wedding with a dance down the aisle. How I wish I could revisit that moment through the lens of a camcorder! Sadly, the technology we take for granted today was nothing more than a distant dream in those days. Camcorders were a rarity, and the idea of capturing life’s special moments on film hadn’t yet found its place in our hearts.

The world has undergone a remarkable transformation since then. Today, camcorders are as common as our trusty cellphones, boasting technology that rivals the best. The art of recording life’s milestones has become as effortless as a gentle breeze on a sunny day.

I hold a firm belief that truly exceptional events should be preserved for eternity. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about the passion and dedication that an individual brings to the task. It takes someone who treats each event as if it were their own, someone who understands the profound significance of the occasion. And it requires the use of the finest, professional-grade camcorders and equipment to ensure that these cherished memories are captured in their full splendor.

That someone is me. My life’s work is dedicated to the art of storytelling through film, where I invest my heart and soul into every project. When you entrust me with the honor of capturing your precious moments, know that I will do so with the utmost care and craftsmanship they truly deserve. Together, we will create a lasting legacy of your most cherished memories, brought to life with the magic of film.

A Message from Sam